How to have a private forum on PrivateTopic Discussions

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How to have a private forum on PrivateTopic Discussions

Postby sr » Fri Oct 20, 2000 7:01 pm

As you might guess, everyone doesn't wish to have conversations with the general public, but appreciate a discussion area for exchanges with specific people.

These forums are actually just a substitute for email (which has so many failings). The advantages primarily are:

a. They are private (only viewable by those with the username and password). Your forum can be seen by only you and Sam Redman (unless it is mutually agreed to invite others).

b. Only after you login, will your forum will be shown to you (and you can then enter it and post). You will be unable to see other private forums and others can't view yours. Logging out will show you the view from the general public's perspective.

c. Topics can be started and maintained related to specific subjects and a "thread" of conversation can be continued "on topic" until it is resolved.

d. Additions (updates) or postings to each topic thread will generate email notification to each participant.

Contact the PrivateTopic discussions administrator, by whatever means you have previously established (preferably cell phone) and your own private forum will be started.
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